Tuesday, March 19, 2019

FOX News at The Manor ~ On March 13, 2019, at ☀️5:45 am, Kenny Crumpton, the popular reporter with award winning Fox 8 News In The Morning, and his crew arrived at Roundwood Manor to film the show's Kickin It With Kenny segments. Kenny and Dan Ruminski, historian and Cleveland Storyteller, led early morning viewers on a walk through the house. Five segments were televised live. Kenny and Dan toured the home and spoke about Roundwood Manor's historical significance and shared the history of the property and the original owners, O. P. and M. J. Van Sweringen. It was wonderful to have Kenny & his crew and Dan at Roundwood Manor. Dan with his usual eloquence summed it up well -- "It's really an example of Cleveland at its best. Our Gilded Age."

Below are the televised clips!

Darren Sweeney
Executive Producer, Fox 8 News in the Morning

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